We are N.I's first & most prestigious British Shorthair GCCF Breeder scheme members.


Aisha: Neuter


4th best kitten - ALL BREED 

5th best kitten - SHORTHAIR SPECIALITY 



International Grand Champion Quentan:

 WCF World Show in Warsaw on 17-18.2015
2xEx1, 2xNOM BIS, 2xBEST IN SHOW Baby Class

TICA   (aged 8 months )

3rd best cat - male congress

9th best allbreed cat

7th best top breed congress


grand champion

GCCF (aged 10 months)

Challenge Certificate



1ST BRITISH ADULT  (not bred by exhibitor)



GCCF Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

Breed class first

2nd Challenge certificate

1st A.C British adult not bred by exhibitor

1st AC British Adolescent

1st AV British/foreign aristocrat/adult

1st British radius adult

1st British self adult

1st AC British Adult

1st AV SH adult


GCCFi & SABCCi, Dublin, Ireland - October 2016

​GCCfi 1st Breed class

1st Challenge certificate

Best of Breed

1st AV Junior Adult

1st AV Debutante Adult

2nd AV Non breeders adult

SABCCi 1st Breed class

1st challenge certificate

Best of breed

2nd AV Non breeder adult

1st AV Debutante Adult

1st AV Junior Adult

11 March 2017 

Quentan gained his 3rd C.C - now a GCCF champion as well as being a TICA grand champion
1st British adult not bred by exhibitor
1st British junior adult
1st British visitor adult
1st British self adult
1st in British aristocrat adult too
2nd NICC Shorthair
Best of breed
Nominated for best in show
Best in show British

30 April 2017
So today, to add to his titles, Quentan became GCCFi Irish & International champion! 🏆

The big boy is now:
Grand champion TICA
3rd best Lilac British in Europe (TICA) 2015/16
GCCF (UK) champion, GCCFi (Irish) champion & most importantly INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION 🎉

2 September 2017
1st grand Challenge certificate
Best of breed
3rd any colour (AC) British Adult (not bred by exhibitor)
1st AC British senior adult
2nd AV (any variety) British/Foreign champion adult
1st British Self adult
3rd AC British/Foreign or Oriental adult

15 October 2017
Sabcci Grand champion challenge certificate
SABBCI Best of breed
GCCFi Grand champion challenge certificate
GCCFi Best of breed

Plus first in all side classes

18 November 2017
International champion
Best of breed
Grand Challenge certificate
1st Any colour British senior adult
2nd any variety British champion adult
1st any variety British radius adult
1st any variety British self adult

10 March
International champion Quentan today became...
UK grand champion
Best of breed
1st AC British adult (nbbe)
1st AC British senior adult
1st AV British/foreign champion adult
1st AC British/foreign or oriental adult
1st AC British self adult
1st AV SH adult
1st AC SH adult

22 April 2018
GCCFI supreme show
3rd Irish Grand Challenge certificate, along with Best of breed, making him an International Grand Champion, then went on to achieve Best of variety (Best British Adult) so collected his 1st Hibernian Grand Champion Challenge certificate & nominated for Supreme adult 💙


International Champion Winnifreda:

11 March 2017

 1st British kitten non self 

1st British kitten not bred by exhibitor 

2nd British foreign kitten

3rd debutante kitten 

2nd September

First adult show-
1st Challenge certificate
1st AC British Adult (not bred by exhibitor)
1st AC British Adolescent Adult
1st AV British/Foreign Debutante adult
1st AC British non self adult
1st AC British/Foreign or Oriental adult

....and to top it all off best in show British! Mighty impressive against British boys! ....and then....she won best of the best overall & another challenge certificate 🎉

15 October 2017

Sabcci 1st Breed Class 

Sabcci Best of breed 

Sabcci challenge certificate  GCCFi challenge certificate  GCCFi Best of Breed  

GCCFi First Breed class  

Best of variety  

Best British adult trophy  

Best British exhibit trophy  BEST BRITISH IN SHOW 🎉

18 November 2017

Freda is now a champion after gaining her 3rd challenge certificate 🎉

 Breed class first  1st any colour British junior adult  1st any variety British limit adult  1st any variety British aristocrat adult  

2nd any variety British radius adult 

Best of breed  

21st October 2017

Dublin, Ireland

UK Champion made up to an Irish Champion, with a  C.C to spare!

SABBCI C.C (Challenge Certificate)

Best of breed SABCCI


Best of Breed GCCfi

1st AV Non breeder adult SABCCI

1st AV Non breeder adult GCCFi


UK Champion Tullyherron Bria Lebeha (subject to confirmation)

18 November 2017

Bria, our own bred girl had her first show as an adult and did amazing at her first show! It’s a privilege to have a highly valued opinion on your own breeding 😍  

Bria got her 1st challenge certificate  

Breed class first  

2nd any colour British breeder adult 

1st any colour British adolescent adult 

1st any variety British novice adult  

1st any variety British Debutante adult  

Breed class first 

9th March 2019

Bria achieved her 2nd Challenge Certificate

 Breed class 1st for British Lilac adult

 1st Breeders adult

 2nd British debutant adult

 3rd British radius adult

16th November 2019

3rd Challenge Certificate (C.C) 

1st AC Radius British Adult

1st AC Aristocrat British

2nd AC Self British

2nd AC Breeders British 


Tullyherron Anouska Heidi

Heidi is our blue princess, daughter of UK Champion Tullyherron Bria Lebeha & UK Champion Ter Heide Chippie at Cher Chroob. We are looking forward to Heidi representing us in the show world.

Tullyherron Hello Penny Lane

Penny is a blue kitten, also from UK Champion Tullyherron Bria Lebeha & UK Champion Ter Heide Chippie (formerly of Cher Chroob).